Do you work with Contractors ?

A: We are very experianced working and cordinating with contractors, we offer many custom products that can be installed by your contractor or we can install according to your scheduale.

What quality features do your Cabinets have?

A: Are custom cabinets ar constructed to what each customer wants. Our standard cabinet is constructed using 3/4" veneered plywood of the same wood as used for the solid wood frames and doors. We use a conversion varnish finish to ensure that your cabinets maintain their beauty.

What is a conversion varnish finish?

A:Conversion varnish finish is self hardining laquer that creates a stonger and longer lasting coat than a traditional laquer.

Do cabinets made oustide of Califoria have a better finish?

A: Yes. California has strict laws and regulations on what finishes can be used, however these regulations are put in place to protect our environment. We believe in protecting our environment and helping our local economy this is why we recomend to buy local. By buying local you dont have to wait long periods of time before an out of state shippment arrives.

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