Here at Golden Cabinets we value our
customers and their help in spreading
the word of our company. This is why we
have created our Referral Rewards Program.
With our this program it gives us a chance to
say thank you for your referrals to your family,
friends, co workers, and neighbors.

How do I signup?

Signing up is free and easy you can signup
online under Rewards tab and or call us at
the office and a friendly associate can take
your information and mail you a card. Your
card will have a member number that we
will use to keep track of your reward points.

How do I start earning Golden Cabinets

Its simple, when you have referred some
one you know make sure to inform them
that they must give our sales associate
your name and member number. At the
end of the job we will apply reward points
to your account, the amount of reward
points will be determined by the price
bracket that your referral fell into.

How do I use my Reward Points?

When you have accumulated any rewards
points you may either use it for a new job
with Golden Cabinets or you may choose
to cash it our for a reduced amount in the
form of a visa gift card.



$ 3,000 to $4,999 job cost
= 125 points toward G. C. Job
cashed out = $50 on visa gift card

$5,000 to $7,999 job cost
= 225 points toward G. C. Job
cashed out = $100 on visa gift card

$8,000 to $12,999 job cost
= 325 points toward G. C. Job
cashed out = $150 on visa gift card

$13,000 to 15,999 job cost
= 425 points toward G. C. Job
cashed out = $200 on visa gift card

$16,000 to 17,999 job cost
= 525 points toward G. C. Job
cashed out = $250 on visa gift card

$18,000 and up job cost
= 625 points toward G. C. Job
Cashed out = $300 on visa gift card

*1 point = to 1$ credit toward future
job with Golden Cabinets.


In order to receive a reward on a referred job
your referral must inform Golden Cabinets with
your name and member number.

Only after 100% job completion will there be any
disbursement of credit towards Golden Cabinets
or cashed out in form of a visa gift card.

Referral points for Golden Cabinets cannot be
accumulated for more than 1 year before it will
automatically be cashed out at the reduced
specified amount.

Golden Cabinets points can be converted to a
reduced cashed out amount anytime during 1year
periods as a member. Any one member cannot
accumulate more than five thousand points in
Golden Cabinets credit within a 1 year period and
or cash out more than a cumulative 3 thousand
dollars within a 1 year period.

Golden Cabinets credit cannot be combined with
any other offers or promotions that Golden Cabinets
is promoting.

Golden Cabinets reserves the right to refuse service
and participation to anyone.

Golden Cabinets’s Referral Rewards Program is
a program based on Golden Cabinets’s generosity
and can at any point choose to cancel this program,
without any prior notification to members.

Rewards Program
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